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Reach Ambassadors


Meet The Reach Ambassadors


Jona Frye

Jona Frye was adopted as a young girl from an orphanage in Haiti but has lived in East Tennessee since 2010, just after the earthquake. She has since been back to visit her family still living in Haiti and stays in touch with them regularly. Jona has a great passion to finish her education through college and is an advocate and voice of change for her native country. She continues returning to Haiti making a difference. 


Keeley Thompson

Keeley Thompson currently resides in Rolla, Missouri and has been to Haiti several times. Keeley's family has been passionate about missions since she was a child and has passed on that passion to her. She loves to serve in however she can and is preparing to serve in Haiti on a 6-week internship in 2019. Keeley loves the Haitian people and culture and is making an impact with her life.


Victoria and Olivia Hurley

Victoria Hurley is a school principle residing in Baker, Florida. She and her husband, Drew, have two daughters, Olivia and Stella. Olivia is a high-school senior and is preparing for graduation in 2019. Victoria and Olivia have made multiple trips to Haiti and have a great passion for serving the Lord and the Haitian people. They are living lives that make a difference.

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