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The Apostolic Mantle

The Apostolic Mantle

The Apostolic Mantle is the latest book written by Mike and Andrea Brewer.


It is the first in the Builders Message Series. 


What does a modern-day apostle look like? How does an apostle function, and what is their role within the Body of Christ? Why do we still need the Apostolic gift today?

Many believers have asked these questions and more in regards to the role and gifting of an Apostle. The gift of the Apostle is greatly needed and still exists today, but many believers have struggled to define and understand this important gift given by Jesus Christ Himself.


This 60-page book will answer many of your basic questions in regards to the role, function, and purpose of an Apostle as well as what their calling looks like today within the church and the overall Body of Christ.


Some of the topics discussed in this book include the following:


  • Testimony of Raising The Dead
  • The Apostolic Mantle
  • What is an Apostle
  • Six Keys in Apostolic Shifts
  • Terms in an Apostolic Company
  • Apostolic Expressions and Functions
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