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Your Sponsorship Makes A Real Difference

Child sponsorship through the Reach Children’s program helps a child in need. When you sponsor a child, you build a special relationship that encourages your child with hope for the future. In addition, your donations join forces with other sponsors(4) to help provide essentials like clean water, nutrition, education, healthcare, and more while you connect through letters, photos, and Christmas gifts with your sponsored child.

To sponsor a child click on the "sponsor button" and a donate page will appear. Then click the dropdown menu "Children's Home" enter the suggest sponsorship amount of $50 per month. Then enter the child's name in the "memo" section and complete the form. Thank you so very much.



2 of 4 sponsorships available

Wenderline joined our home in 2016. Her father died leaving her mom with very few options. She went to stay with another family and was forced into child slavery being used for the family to work to earn her keep. Wenderline was very malnourished...



2 of 4 sponsorships available

Izaak is a shy little boy but loves to play with everyone. He has a big personality and and plays hard all day! He is doing great in school and is strong at developing friendships. Isaak is the son of a former employee which is unable and unwilling to care for him.



1 of 4 sponsorships available

Walkens is from the mountains of Foret de Pins. His mother died of an illness, leaving his young, struggling father to care for him. Walkens has continued to grow since he came to the orphanage. Although he can be shy at times, Walkens is playful...

Ti Daniel 2.png

Ti Daniel

2 of 4 sponsoships available

Ti Daniel or "Little Daniel" came to our home at the end of 2016. He is a very sweet and loving little boy who desires to be held and snuggled. He loves to play and is healthy and thriving since joining our family. Ti Daniel has a contagious smile...


Ti Papa

3 of 4 sponsorships available

Tipapa is from the mountains of Haiti. Since living at the orphanage, his personality has blossomed. He is energetic and silly, and often plays sports with the other boys. He is a sweetheart and has a grateful attitude. He also loves to help...

Mary Lynn.png

Mary Lynn

1 of 4 sponsorships available

When Mary Lynn is around, there is never a shortage of hugs or kisses. She is full of life and energy and loves to play on the playground, especially the swings. She can also be quiet mischievous but her heart is full of love for all her brothers and sisters.

Marilyn 2.png


1 of 4 sponsorships available

Marilyn came to us the morning of the earthquake. She was severely malnourished and only weighed 14 pounds. She had a clubfoot, Kwaskiors disease and other problems. Today, she is a sassy young lady, doing great and loved by all.



2 of 4 sponsorships available

Manno’s grandmother was his primary caregiver and took him all over Haiti for her job. His father abandoned him, and his mother passed away when he was very young. Manno is a fireball of love and joy. Life is never dull when this little guy is around.

Michaelson 2.png


2 of 4 sponsorships available

Michaelson was born in downtown Port-au-Prince. His father was killed in the earthquake leaving him and his mother homeless to fend for themselves. Since coming to Reach Children’s Home, he has grown into a young man. He loves playing soccer!

Little Samuel.png

Little Samuel

3 of 4 sponsorships available

Samuel is one of the youngest kids at the orphanage. Samuel’s mother would leave him alone in a room all day long. His entire life, he had to fend for himself, even though he was just a baby. Samuel has a spunky personality and doesn’t care to tell you!



1 of 4 sponsorships available

Esterline was born in the small, remote village of Dinni. She was near death when she came to the orphanage, extremely malnourished and severely under-weight. She was nursed back to health after years of nutrition and undergoing open heart surgery in 2012.



3 of 4 sponsorships available

Javison was born in City Soleil into a very bad situation lacking a lot of hope until we were made aware of the situation. Today, he often plays soccer with some of the other boys and has a competitive nature. He can be a little rowdy at times but loves to have fun with all of his friends.



3 of 4 sponsorships available

Fedley is a very shy and quiet little boy but has a heart of gold. Fedley joined our home in 2016 and was very shutdown. He was abandoned by his father forcing his mother to seek help just to care for him. Fedley has grown into a very sweet and happy little guy who loves playing.



2 of 4 sponsorships available

Ever since coming to the orphanage in the summer of 2010, Abigail has thrived. She is a very sweet-natured young lady and such a joy to be around. Her father was killed during the earthquake leaving her living in a tent city with her mom and older brother, Nestle.



3 of 4 sponsorships available

Esteven’s parents both died, and he was living with his uncle at a voodoo temple. They were extremely poor, and Esteven was mistreated and used as a restavek or child slave. He is now a sweet and loving young man and loves to play soccer with the other boys.



3 of 4 sponsorships available

Chrislam was born in City Soleil. He was brought to the orphanage shortly after the earthquake. He doesn’t have any information about his parents. He is very quiet boy, but loves playing with the other kids and joins in on the soccer games.

Daniel 2.png


1 of 4 sponsorships available

Daniel was born in City Soleil. His father and mother both passed away leaving him with his stepmom who was unable to care for him in the slums . When Daniel starts something, he gives it his all and puts everything he has into it including loving people.

Maranatha 2.png


1 of 4 sponsorships available

Maranatha’s father left the family, and her mother was unable to care for the children. Maranatha is a spunky girl and likes to play jokes. Although she is mischievous, she has a loving heart. Maranatha loves to be loved and has a sweet heart, even though she may not let people know it.



3 of 4 sponsorships available

Tiga was born in City Soleil. In 2009 , Tiga fell down a 30-foot well. He was rushed to the hospital and treated for internal bleeding along with a severe cut on his head. Tiga has come so far and is a joy to be around. He is very sweet and kind to everyone he meets.



3 of 4 sponsorships available

Nestle was trapped for 2 days after the earthquake causing a severe shoulder dislocation resulting in permanent nerve damage. After therapy, he has regained use of his arm. Nestle has a great time with the other boys and soon will become an employee.

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