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Position Yourself For The Miraculous:


Are you looking for strength, encouragement or are in need of healing prayer? Are you in a time of transition?

This Christian "audiobook" is


You will learn :

  • There is purpose through your pain.

  • The purpose of shifting seasons.

  • God desires to touch and heal you.

  • You will receive strength.

  • To position yourself in prayer for healing.

Teaching Cover Image

Reach Founder

Your Free Gift Includes

  • A 50-minute audio book teaching by Reaching International Founding Director.

  • A breakdown of one of the most powerful hidden prayers found in the Scripture.

    • How to pray a prayer in "Pursuit" of God.

    • How to pray for "favor".

    • How to use your "influence" well.

    • How to be a blessing to others.

  • Prepare for revelation from heaven to flood into your life as you position yourself the miraculous.

Problems Solved By This Christian Teaching

My friend, so many great Christians are currently stuck. Why? Is it possible they have lost passion and zeal for the things of God? Most have a great love for God and attend a church each week. But, is that a passionate pursuit of the things of God? No way! Certainly, it is not. God has destined you for so much more.


Since you are here, on this page, I believe you are in a time of transition. This means you are shifting from one place to another. A shift, or time of transition, can be a scary place but it may also be a very exciting time if you are able to understand the process required to enter into the new.


Alignment For The Miraculous, this free Christian audiobook, is a key to unlock your understanding. Alignment is all about repositioning yourself with the shift God is leading you into. There is much value contained within this teaching concerning prayer, healing prayer, and experiences with the Holy Spirit.


Could it be, God, has allowed you to discover this page to ignite within you your greater purpose? To discover your next season. You see, our walk with God is progressive in nature. God is taking you from one place to the next or as scripture says, "from glory to glory."


This Christian "audiobook" begins with me, Mike Brewer, sharing a very personal experience I had with Jesus. I felt God leading me into a new season during a time of transition so I went to a special place for prayer. During this time I had an encounter that touched me so deep it is hard to put into words. My testimony, from this encounter, will touch you as well. 

May the Lord Jesus greatly bless you,

Mike Brewer



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