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Haiti Situation - Direct Information


As most of you are probably aware of, civil unrest broke out in Haiti just a few days ago. On Friday July 6, the Haitian government announced a fuel increase causing a 38%-51% increase in fuel costs for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. Adding to the already high prices of fuel, gasoline would be close around $5.00 US per gallon causing a great strain on the majority of Haitian's who can barely afford the basic necessities of life. These new prices were scheduled to begin on Saturday, July 7. The new fuel increase would also likely cause an increase in the cost of food and other supplies leaving many Haitian's very upset and deeply concerned.

Due to outrage and frustration, civil unrest broke out immediately from the announcement of the new price increase all across Haiti, especially in Port au Prince and the outlying areas. Demonstrations, looting, and roadblocks caused many people to bunker down in their areas relying on their existing supplies for food and water. The government revoked the increase on Saturday due to the violent protests and scattered civil unrest, but Haiti is still in a volatile state right now.


We have been in communication with our medical missionaries on the ground, Daniel and Natalie Abercrombie. They are safe but still unable to return to their home from the city. They had left the mountains a few days ago to gather supplies for the month and are unable to return due to the roadblocks. Please keep them and all of our staff in prayer. It does seem that the situation is deescalating and should continue to do so.

Our children at the REACH Children's Home are safe and out of danger in their secure homes. Also, our Medical Clinic is fine but unable to open due to the absence of Daniel and Natalie.

Please be in prayer for Haiti and for peace across the nation. Pray for the Haitian police to be able to restore peace quickly and safely as well as to safely reopen all the roads currently closed from roadblocks and protests. Pray for peaceful resolutions to the governmental issues within Haiti and for wisdom in how to restore peace and civility.


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