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A Day of Visitation at The Well of Maryville

A day of visitation at The Well.

As worship began, the voice of the Lord started to whisper. As it progressed into a great roar, the keys to the gateway of the supernatural were placed into the hands of our worship leader. The key came in the form of a new song that started with the statement, “You are the King” from Psalm 24. I heard the Lord say, “Make ready my table and Honor me!” So I looked around and saw some communion cups and I sensed the Lord saying, “Count my people.” So I did, and I placed the cups in a serving dish.

As prayers were lifted up by our leadership, the atmosphere began to shift as we seemed to enter into a different dimension: a dimension where the presence of the Lord saturated the sanctuary and filled us through and through. Declarations were made as the prayers of the people melted into the desires of the Heart of the Father. A spiritual earthquake of sorts shifted our region in that moment of time, and spiritual eyes and ears were restored where they had once fallen dormant. The manna of old passed away as honor replaced the physical need for food of the natural. As we sat around the table of the Lord, a spiritual well began to rise up within us as the church stood united in that moment.

A spiritual, generational shift settled in our hearts as the visitation of the King of the Armies of Lord, Jehovah Sabaoth, rested among us. Honoring the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the room was the foundation for this supernatural shift. A vision of new mouthpieces being given to the body was seen. A new voice, a voice of a prophetic body is going forth. This voice carries a spiritual authority that has yet to be seen in this generation nor in those to come. The new voice of an Apostolic mandate mixed with the prophetic anointing will resound.

I declare today that a generation has risen, a generation of healed and restored men and women, boys and girls living and breathing the air of the Kingdom of God. I declare that we will stand as the gateway for the supernatural things of the Father to manifest within this worldly realm. For we operate from a position of authority established within a Culture of Honor flowing from Christ himself through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. A new voice is rising from the depths of The Well....

A man of the greatest faith, is a man who honors the authority in whom’s presence he sits.

Pastor James Abbott

The Well of Maryville is a revival hub of Reach International Ministries. We invite you to join us as we press into the heart of the Father for our region.

The Well is a member of the Reach Network which is a relationally-connected, like-minded network of men and women raising up and releasing believers to bring about revival and awakening in their homes, cities, regions, and nations of the world. We offer relationship, licensing, ordination, international missions, church-planting training, covering for you and your ministry, and much more.

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