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The Birthing of a Creative Heart at The Well of Maryville

February 11, 2018

The Birthing of a Creative Heart at The Well.

As a prayer of deliverance was read from the 140th Psalm, the mouth of the enemy was stopped. As the hearts of the people turned to worship, the atmosphere began to thicken. It was as if the thickness of a heavy summer storm rested in the distance. The atmosphere was filled with the abundance of supernatural rain. We could feel the rumblings within our inner being as the Holy Spirit began to stir us in preparation for the arrival of the King. As we continued to worship the King with our freedom songs, He stepped into the room in all His glory and splendor. The prophetic voice of our King’s heart rested upon the lips of His teacher. This voice (His voice) began to bring forth a creative birthing in the room. Blank canvases were filled with color as new life began to come into alignment with His heart, and mindsets were shifted as creativity was understood. In the room still blanketed with the thick presence and fragrance of the King, a spiritual vision was given. In this vision, luminescent rain drops of every color began to fall. Each color different appeared than the other but were all flowing from the same source. With each strum of the guitar, more and more rain drops began to fall. They would puddle on the floor and then dance around the room like a whirlwind with each new sound of the guitar.

I hear the King say:

"I have liberated you from a dormant state of mind and have washed you with fresh colorful rain flowing with the creative ideas that have long rested within My heart. Paint the pictures of My vision upon the hearts of the people. This is the image of the Kingdom being made known to the body."

Pastor James Abbott

The Well of Maryville, is a member of the Reach Network.

The Reach network is a relationally-connected, like-minded network of men and women raising up and releasing believers to bring about revival and awakening in their homes, cities, regions, and nations of the world. We offer relationship, licensing, ordination, international missions, church-planting training, covering for you and your ministry, and much more.

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