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Prophetic Encounter - Binding the Strong Man


Binding the Strong Man

Early morning of February 25, 2018

Andrea shared this experience at The Well of Maryville on the morning of Feb. 25 and the heavens opened up and prophetic songs, words and intercessions were released. Click below if you would like to hear a recording of the experience.



I felt a strong wind passing through our bedroom, this time with rain. I felt the moisture and the mighty wind as I also heard it violently swirl in our room. I saw a giant man begin to form outside from the wind and rain collecting swirling. He rose from the ground in a violent fashion. To assert his size and aggression, he started plucking airplanes out of the sky one at a time so nothing could pass. He continued stopping the flow of everything that tried to get past him, whether by land or by sky. Nothing could get through him.

I asked the Lord what I was looking at as if I was standing in heaven looking down on him. He said, “The strong man.” I asked what I was to do about it. He responded with a question, “What do you do with a strong man?” I said, “Bind him.” He nodded in approval and I was back standing at the feet of the strong man and feeling the rains and wind swirling.

I began to declare and bind the strong man. At first, he ignored me and continued to pluck airplanes from the sky. I yelled fiercely, “I bind you NOW! Stop interfering with the planes and let them pass safely!” He angrily looked at me with an evil grin, but as he started to reach for the next plane, his hands were bound behind him and he couldn’t grab it. It passed at his head safely which angered him ever more. He was swelling up with violent winds and rains the madder he got, but he could