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From Impression to Impact

From Impression to Impact

It has been said that a first impression is a lasting one. When our team first went to Haiti in 2017, the Lord used us to make a lasting impression on the body of Christ and the population of Haiti. At the end of the first day of the Pastors and Leaders Conference our team was conducting, God used us to raise a woman from the dead! She drowned in the pool next to where we were meeting, and by the power of the living God and our intercessions, she was brought back to life. This has more significance than what meets the eye. It is difficult to believe in something you have never seen or witnessed. When you hear that Jesus died for our sins and God raised Him from the dead on the third day, your brain goes, “Where do I put this information?” But because of the surpassing love God has for the people of Haiti, He gave them a live, front-row seat to the resurrection power of our God. On the first day of the conference, the woman died, and on the third day of the conference, she walked out on the stage healed, whole and alive from the dead. Now, our team is known throughout Haiti as “The team that raised the woman from the dead!” That is a lasting first impression that only the power of the Living God could bring about.

This opened the hearts of the people to receive us in a greater way when we returned this year in 2018. The impression made in 2017 prepared the way for the impact God would make in the hearts and lives of the pastors, leaders, men, and women of the Haitian community. Last year, I was the first female to speak at the pastors and leaders conference. I did not know what to expect. When I took my place at the podium, not one of the ladies would make eye contact with me. However, the seeds of a new life planted last year produced much fruit at this conference. Breakout sessions were added to the conference so we had the opportunity to meet and talk directly with the men and women separately. It was amazing! The women opened up and talked with us, sharing their heart and soul with us. God moved Mike to prophecy over the women of God, and prayer was offered up on their behalf. I got to see the whites of their eyes and God being the lifter of their heads. I saw smiles, I received hugs, women asking for prayer, and receiving the love of the Savior through us. Their lives were impacted by His love for all eternity. I believe that they were impacted for time and eternity by our second visit. I believe that they know, beyond a doubt, that we love them and most importantly, that God loves them.

An impression that makes a lasting impact becomes a legacy. It is something that will be passed on from one generation to the next. Deliverance is so sweet! Healings took place by words of knowledge given by members of the team. There could be no doubt in the minds of the Haitian Christian Community that God was in their midsts and that He cares greatly about their spiritual and physical well-being. What an honor and privilege it was for me to be a part of such a mighty move of God in Haiti! I am humbled at the prospect that God can use any willing, surrendered vessel to carry out the great commission to take the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth. We can all make an impact on the nations with our prayers and our financial support.

Minister Sharron “Shay” Williams

Fellowship of Purpose Mission Team

Senior Pastor Byron Murray

846 Ashland Blvd. Channelview, Tx. 77530


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