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Reach Update

We stepped off the bus and climbed over the foundation of a block wall trying to access the church. It was hot and very muggy, even the dust was sticking to our skin. As we stepped under the tin roof onto the dirt floor of our network church, it was evident that God was going to do something special.

It was late in the evening as the sun was just going down, and there was only one light bulb hanging from the tin roof. The building was packed with worshipers with little room to even stand. Faith was in the room as the people pressed into God.

It wasn’t long after we entered the building that Andrea saw her: sweet Sarah sitting in her wheelchair, born as a paraplegic with no control of her body movements. She was also deaf and could not speak, but her smile was full of joy. Andrea was drawn to Sarah and asked her mom if she could pray for her. So with permission, Andrea began to pray. It wasn’t long until Sarah began laughing. A few minutes later, she began responding with head nods and noises. Her mother continued to say, “She can’t hear you; Sarah is deaf”

Andrea began dancing with Sarah as joy filled her heart.

I found them at the back of the church, carried Sarah to the front of the church, and continued to dance with her. Andrea then asked Sarah to say "Jesus" as a sign that she could hear and speak now, and Sarah yelled out, "JEZI" before the entire church and her mom. She said, "Jezi" several times as she continued to laugh with joy in His presence. Sarah's mom and the church were stunned and awed by the love of God and the healing power of the Holy Spirit as Sarah could now hear and speak. Sarah's life was returned to her, and she regained her voice as a living testimony to the love, goodness, and power of God!

Many people ask why we do what we do. We do it for the many Sarah’s that are out there waiting for people of faith to step into their lives.

Thank you for investing in Reach International and making it possible for Sarah to be touched by the Holy Spirit.


Reach Status Update

I have witnessed over the years many people step into international missions just to disappear from the scene a short time later. Why is this? Well, I have determined that most of the time, it is a lack of mentoring into the call of God. Mentoring relationships are a key to long-term success on the mission field.

In August 2009, Andrea and I stepped into the role of full-time missionaries to Haiti, but we stepped in with a long-term commitment to see transformation. We also had a solid understanding of the call of God on our lives. Because of this understanding, we were not motivated by poverty, sad stories, or what we could see with our natural eyes, but instead, we were and still are motivated by what we see our Heavenly Father doing.

We could see new churches planted, children cared for, families restored, and later on, we saw healthcare in remote places. There were lots of good things we could have focused on, but the big three for our calling are Reach Children, Reach Medical, and Reach Network of Leaders.

Sometimes in mission work, people will get caught up with the next greatest vision, the next place to visit, or the next project to accomplish. I understand this way of thinking, but I also understand it may very well be rooted in the American mindset of getting things quickly.

In Reach International, Andrea and I have seen things move so fast over the last nine years. We have birthed two children’s homes, initiated a church-planting movement that has crossed over six hundred churches in Haiti alone, and just a couple years back, opened up our first, full-time medical clinic that has treated well over fifteen thousand patients. With all of that happening so quickly, it is easy to get into a mindset that looks for the next great thing, but we are not letting that happen.

We are at a place of laying a long-term foundation to bring about transformation in the country of Haiti. To strengthen our foundation in Haiti, we must become fully funded in our field budgets (Children’s Home, Medical Clinic, and Network). 2018 has been a great year with tremendous blessings, and with your help, we will close the year out strong. To become fully funded for the remaining 6 months of 2018, we must raise an additional $25,500. 100% of the $25,500 will be used to directly fund our field budgets.

There are two ways in which you may give:

Mail a check made out to Reach International to P.O. Box 5945 Maryville, TN 37802 and put “Field Budget” in the memo line.

Thank you for your continued support! Blessings! Mike and Andrea Brewer, Founders

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